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'Victims of Intelligence'
A story/essay for possible publication. There is also a peom/song lyric inviting anyone to set it to music as a sort of competition. A popular song would open many minds.


Here below is perhaps a song lyric or poem...
Robin Mayhew 28th March 2013 (copyright).

Victim of Intelligence

Intelligence is a crazy thing
Too much and you feel the sting
Things seem so boring and it's all the same
I wish it took less to satisfy my brain.

Switch on the TV and what do I see?
Same soap, cooking, reality or a murder enquiry
Makes one think - just what is wrong.
Have I been missing something all along.

Is it the others who cannot see
Just how boring the world can be.
Got your iPad and got your phone
You're fitting in you're not alone.
Repetitive sounds and the same old ads.
May not be counted but may be charged.
Think of the number on happy pills
They're the ones who were thinking still.

Binge drinking is a thing young do
To get away and find something new.
So fed with the same old sounds,
the news and things that make the world go round.

Trying to find something new
Something fresh or another view.
But the rest just sit stuck like glue
With no vision and without a clue.
If you're thinking - It seems you're cursed
Some can find so little to satisfy their thirst.
Expand your mind and try and create
Make something of your life
Before it's too late.

Being a victim with an active mind
You must take a rest and try to find
A way to embrace those simple things
That the others find so interesting.
Be like them for twelve hours a day
It may turn out to be the only way.

Robin Mayhew 28th March 2013 (copyright)


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