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Shallow and Deeper

I have decided I will dedicate my album to the late, great David Bowie, in tribute to my old friend's outstanding contribution to contemporary music and culture. The album, entitled Shallow and Deeper, is a collection of 12 original songs to be released on 5th February 2016.

I joined Bowie in late 1971 as his sound man and was responsible for sound­engineering all of his Ziggy Stardust acclaimed concert performances around the world, between 29th January 1972 and 3rd July 1973. I must credit Bowie for musically opening my eyes and influencing my life with his innovation and originality. We worked very closely before and while touring together for 18 months, during which we developed a close working and personal relationship. This was an exciting, rewarding and formative period in my life that has been a source of inspiration ever since. David didn't break rules, he wrote new ones. His intelligence, creativity, innovation and courage effected a huge change in popular culture ­­ change that endures to this very day.

Shallow and Deeper is an eclectic compilation of original songs, all written and produced by me and I sing on 10 of the 12 titles, each to appeal to listeners of all tastes and ages. While I can't say my music compares with David Bowie's, the dedication of my CD to his memory is a heartfelt tribute to a unique and unforgettable friend.

The Album

Shallow and Deeper has now been officially releassed and you can order your copy now. Simply hit the Paypal button to order your signed copy. Track listing and samples below.

On placing your order Robin will send you a confirmation email and your CD will be sent out as soon as possible.

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UK - £9 inc P&P

Int'l - £12 inc P&P

Songs included on Shallow and Deeper

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1. Ambition
A song dealing with the emotions driven by ambition and how important it is to plan and persevere to identify and achieve one's goals.
ISWC No. T-909,346,922-8
2. Come Dance with Me
No drink no drug could make me feel higher - you're all that I need as the music plays - be mine tonight.
ISWC No. T-909,346,921-7
3. Secretary Bird
Beautiful females who wear black skin tight leggings could possibly cause some minor RTAs with male drivers being distracted?
ENJW- 210515-1116-00
4. Where Did it Go That Rock 'n' Roll
Inspired whilst at a village festival where a band was playing a rock and roll set. Everyone, grandchildren to grannys, were all dancing and having a great time.
ENJW- 210515-1117-00
5. Katie Katie
A bit of fun Rock 'n' Roll with boy chasing girl.
EJNW- 210515-1118-00
6. That is That
Partner gets a bit concerned when he sees his other half talking to someone else even though they are friends and he promises to be good and more understaning in future.
ISWC No. T-913,781,316-2
7. Precious Girl
Kissed awake by his loving partner he has to leave for work before any serious cuddles and, what's more, he is going to be working late - but it all works out!
ISWC No. T-909,346,926-2
8. When we are One
A couple due to be married and a song that could be sung by either advocating the joy of finding the one with whom to spend one's life.
ISWC No. T-909,346,929-5
9. More Love Required
A look at our modern world and the observation that a little more love and consideration might go some way to make things a little better.
EJNW- 210515-1120-00

Bonus tracks

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10. Together (A Song for Isobel) - sung by Charlotte Howard
Slightly country flavoured family love song marvelling at the arrival of a first child or grandchild come to that. Inspired by the arrival of our first grandchild Isobel.
11. Refuse to Lose (Stadia)
Written in 2012 as a schools project using the Olympic Games with a view to instilling an athlete's qualities to help anyone achieve their goals
12. Let's Party (Olly and Robin)
Typical 1970s funk with a rap story line over Lou Reed's 1974 backing band. 'Put your arse in gear and get yourself out here let the sound overtake you make the world disappear' all about having a party.
ISWC No. T-909,346,923-9

Recent Feedback

As for shallow and deeper have played it several times whilst trapped on the A3 and M25 during the week - i really have enjoyed it and the one called 'secretary bird' nearly made me crash whilst going past lakeside - such a bloke song - brill. I cannot understand why "Strictly" hasn't featured 'come dance with me' - it would be so good to hear it on that show. Phillip Russell

Hi Robin just to say I have received Shallow and Deeper and was able to listen to it for the first time today. To be honest I ordered it really as an extra thankyou for the Ziggy recording and had no idea what to expect. But I have to say I am really enjoying listening to it. There has been a lot of good new music out recently (Steven Wilson, Dream Theater, a great Welsh band called Kiama, for starters, as well as Blackstar,) but this is keeping them out of the CD player. I wish you every success with it. Best wishes, Graeme

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