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Welcome to Robin's New Seniors' Song Project

New Seniors' Songs is a music project with the aim of filling the gap which continues to grow between today's pop music written, produced and aimed at our young society and the shortage of any new music for the more discerning tastes of an older audience. The hit chasing culture that has developed often provides a somewhat predictable and repetitive formula which feeds the hi-tech, phone and music app. youth that loves a series of quick turnaround musical sensations. People over 60 may well enjoy some of the current sounds their children and their grandchildren play but many are unlikely to seek out those songs and rhythms and would rather hear a Golden Oldie which reminds them of something or an occasion in their past. A song that has a meaning, or a story and a melody that the brain, in an amazing way, brings back the structure and the lyric that it has not heard for a long time as if by magic. Like remembering a nursery rhyme.

Don Mclean once said that his songs are always written with the aim of getting the listener to remember them. Not just the hook or one sound but as an example, let's say American Pie, comes on the radio - immediately the brain unravels the entire thing or almost.

So there is this whole layer of older people like me who love a good song but are increasingly forced to focus on fewer radio stations and programmes on which that type of music can still just be found.

I have started writing some songs born out of a love of music and curiosity. I use sounds and progressions familiar to me along with words that I feel tell a believable message and the idea for this project is to invite like minded, older people with or without a musical backgrounds to put their songs and song ideas forward. Those creations can come complete or as a rough demo. which I will try and produce to the standard the contributor would like. The goal is to get them aired on National BBC Radio and, perhaps, other stations.

I have put the idea to Scheduling and Commissioning at the BBC and they have asked me to see how many people and songs there are out there. So if you have a song in your heart or in your head and it's completely original and think it might fit the bill please get in touch.

Latest News
Blakeway Productions will be making an initial pitch to BBC Radio 4 to test the water with a view to securing a documentary programme discussing the current music market. It is hoped that some leading names from the past involved in the world of music will be on board. The pitch process is a long and rather draw out process but we may have something back by the end of April. In the meantime any ideas for new songs that could be suitable for the project please get in touch via the contact button.


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