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'Butterfly Lullaby'
I met up with old school chum John Catanach, who I hadn't seen since 1957, at old boys reunion. He said he wrote poetry as a hobby and sent me his Butterfly offering. I liked the sentiment and set it to music. I contacted The Sussex Wild Fund who recommended me to The British Butterfly Conservation Company. I sent them the demo and they loved it. I contacted the local secondary school as I believed it would be more meaningful with a young person performing it. The arts assistant teacher, Paula McGovern, recommended Jack Elliott who is 16 and a budding actor who has been working at the Minerva theatre which is part of the Chichester Festival Theatre. We recorded it on Tuesday 19th March at St Phillip Howard Catholic High School, Barnham and on Wednesday I finished the production at Ford Lane studio mixing voice and music.

The British Butterfly Conservation Company based in Dorset have posted the link on their Facebook Page and website at http://butterfly-conservation. org/ and a video is available on YouTube - see below.

Click here to see the video on Robin's YouTube channel.


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