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Ground Control


Part Ground Control reuinion April 2016
Dave Edmonds, Mick Shepherd, Mick Fussey, Robin and Max Prier

GC Reunion April 2016 Mick Fussey, Mick Shepherd, Max Prier, Robin, Dave Edmonds, Dave's Alison and Lynne Prier

Mike Turner, Robin and Mick Shepherd at GC HQ

Robin in the Ground Control office

Mick Shepherd, Geoff Sugden, Mick Fussey, Manu Dajee, Max Prier and Robin at the Wood Close warehouse

Part of The Ground Control Crew - Mick Shepherd, Geoff Sugden, Robin, Manu Dajee, and Mick Fussey

Geoff Sugden's Business Card

The Ground Control sticker

Ground Control Logo by Golding Design Associates

Ground Control Advert in Lou Reed programme 1974

Lou Reed Tour Rome Arena Setup

Peter Hince, Robin and the late Willy Palin - Mott The Hoople tour

Robin and the late Hugh Attwooll at Ground Control HQ Notting Hill 1973

Robin at a dated mixer in New Zealand 1974 Lou Reed tour

Sally Can't Dance Tour Programme 1974

David Essex and Crew 1976

Ground Control 6k Rig as used by Lou Reed \ David Essex

Son Ben has adopted the Ground Control name for his marquee and events company. See links page

Mike Turner at the bar. The inventor of that Ziggy PA system

One of the Turner A 300 Stereo amplifiers as used for the High Frequency output of the Ziggy Stardust PA system

Turner 25 into 7 Monitor Mixer

The Turner 24 channel 'Ziggy' Mixer

Turner 24 channel mixer with channel detail

FX and Equalization rack

Robin's Ground Control business card

Ground Control microphone selection

Lou Reed Australian tour stop off. Leaving Morea for Tahiti

Lou Reed tour 1974 - Hall & Oates were support band

Ground Control at Wilby Mews just after the late Mick Ronson's solo tour April 1974

GC T-Shirt recently acquired by T-Shirt collector Brian Nazarof at The Everyday Gourmet, Glenview IL. USA and the GC Baby Phase effect pedal.
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