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Family and Bits


2006 Ben, Harry, Rob and Olly - the Mayhew boys

Mardy's late brother Len (the Ox)

Clothes Line a retail moment - 1989

Isobel and Mardy July 2012

Issy and Harry 2010

Len (the ox) at Pachesham

Manu Dajee - Merrow Road circa 1975

Mardy and Alison at Clothesline

Mardy and Robin 1967

Mardy's dad Leonard Arthur Hibberd

Olly and Ben at Pachesham

Pachesham Close, Oxshott

Pachesham Close, Oxshott 1976 - 1984

Pachesham 1976 - 1984

The Wedding 1966

Rob at Pachesham (The Ground Control Years)

Peel Lodge 1991 - 1996

Tighnuilt 1984 - 1988

Olly wins big - 2009 Motocross Champion

The Monster

Rob with the inimitable Paul Waby Jan 2010

Sister Pat and Robin 1944

The Whole Family April 2008

Widows Penny Francis Charles Mayhew

Tighnuilt from the River Tweed

Tighnuilt House Guest House Brochure

Old Redhead in Selkirkshire 1988 - 1991

Cecil James Mayhew
Rob's dad

Winifred Lillian Mayhew
Rob's Mum


Old Redhead winter view 1990

Mayhews and Goldings at Pachesham circa 1980

The lake at Pachesham

Mardy at the lake at Pachesham


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